by in Other 1 September 2019
After a few weeks of vacation, the return is often bitter. And yes … It’s not just schoolchildren who fear the return! Do not panic because the team Phynacare gives you 3 tips in OR to not undergo this period anymore … We only have to wish you a good return!

Stay healthy

  • Eat by focusing on: fruits, vegetables, fiber, white meat and home-made dishes.
  • Hydrate by consuming 1.5-2L of liquid / day.
  • Perform a physical activity 3-7 times / week.
  • Go to bed and get up early with an average sleep duration of 7-8h / night.

Get organized

  • Plan your month each end of the month, its week every Sunday, its day every morning.
  • Establish 3 main objectives / year, 3 important objectives / months and 3 main objectives / day.
  • Simplify your life and daily tasks by stopping to aim for PERFECTION.
  • Learn to say NO to multiple solicitations.

Motivate yourself to evolve

  • Learning to know yourself.
  • Assume what you are and remain authentic
  • Get out of your comfort zone as soon as an opportunity arises.
  • Cultivate your curiosity and increase your knowledge.

Anticipate your return and you do not suffer your year!