by in Phyto news 5 October 2019
A well identified manufacturer

We must move towards products with a well-identified brand, manufacturer and distribution network (manufacturer’s contact details on the label, existing website, distribution in physical stores with phyto-aromatherapy consultants, etc.).

Labeling to standards

A compliant label contains the words “food supplement”, the quantity of product, the contact details of the manufacturer, the complete list of ingredients and their quantity, the list of allergens, advice for use and storage, precautions for use as well as the expiry date.

Information in your language

For your safety, consume products for the market in your country as manufacturers are required to present a label in your language. This will facilitate your understanding and knowledge of their content.

Products and credible

 Beware of “miracle” products and surrealistic promises. Herbal medicine and aromatherapy have their limits. Favor known plants as well as those of our regions as much as you can.

A safe purchase

Privilege your purchases in shop or via a website that has a physical shop in your country because in case of problems you know where to turn. Prioritize your purchases in your country or within the European Union because we benefit from a regulation in favor of the consumer.

Advice from a specialist

To avoid any risk of misuse, drug interactions or over-consumption, seek advice from a health professional specializing in phyto-aromatherapy.