1. What is PHYNACARE?

    PHYNACARE is a laboratory specialising in the field of herbal medicine. It sells food supplements based on natural products.

  2. Where can I find PHYNACARE products?

    PHYNACARE food supplements are available in pharmacy.

  3. What is the origin of the capsules used by PHYNACARE?

    Our capsules are 100% vegetable.

  4. Is product PHYNACARE organic?

    Most of our products are organic but this is not yet displayed on the label due to the pending certification. We’re trying to make sure we have 100% organic ranges in the near future.

  5. What is a dry hydro-alcoholic extract?

    A dry hydro-alcoholic extract is a way to get a molecule or a group of active molecules through a solvent that is, in this case, a mixture of water and alcohol. As soon as this molecule or group of molecules is obtained, the extract is dried and the alcohol is evaporated so that the final product contains no more alcohol.

  6. Does PHYNACOSTUS contain aristolochic acid?

    We carry out strict controls to ensure the quality of our products by consequences we assure an absence of aristolochic acid in all our food supplements based on Indian costus.

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