Our Story

PHYNACARE is a pharmaceutical company that develops herbal food supplements. These plants are selected for their beneficial effects that have been demonstrated by scientific studies. Open and multicultural, our laboratory combines the holistic approach of the golden age of Arabic medicine with the scientific advancements of current medicine based on clinical research.

Our plants are harvested and processed in accordance with specific scientific processes to provide you with a finished product worthy of your body.

Because nature takes care of us, we must take care of it too. PHYNACARE pays particular attention to each stage of development and strives to incorporate a continuous improvement in its approach to contribute to preserving the environment of today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

PHYNACARE dreams of a world where every person knows the tools to preserve their health and to be someone strong in order to improve their life and those around them. Life is already short enough, do not waste it by ignoring what contributes to our good health.

Our Mission

Put nature at your service : We select the best plants around the world to preserve your health.

Our Team

Naturally committed people.


Najat B.

Doctor in pharmacy from the pharmacy and specialist in phyto-aromatherapy, Najat is a species of peony that has the gift of empathy and who dreams in great … In very very big! It is through the world of health that she exploits her gift of empathy and her desire to preserve others. She doesn’t hesitate to take out the spades when it is necessary: Not all illnesses are lucky enough to have a generous benefactor!


Saher AM.

Observer, passionate about the Universe and committed ecologist, Saher wishes to put into practice his admiration for the plant world by using plants in the service of people. Like the hibiscus, Saher is calm and thoughtful. A training in marketing came to close his studies of Doctor in Pharmacy. His experience in this field has allowed him to bring an “industrial” touch to PHYNACARE while remaining close to the customer.


Waqas S.

Waqas holds a degree in Pharmacy Trainer and a Master’s degree in International Business and Economic and Social Administration. In summary, it’s a kind of jasmine double hat! Curious and very sociable, he likes to travel the world to discover, exchange and learn. He also cares about nature and the environment. Moreover, it contributes so that PHYNACARE does not neglect the preservation of our ecosystem.